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Contanil an Introduction & Advantages:-

  • Contanil is latest Concept of Water Purification Powered by European salt Twinoxide which is NSF, EPA and EN-12671 certified product.
  • It Contains 99.9% pure Chlorine dioxide (Clo2)
  • It makes water purify & portable by removing all bacteria’s & Viruses
  • Contanil with its base salt Twinoxide is fit for human consumption.   
  • It removes Bacteria, Viruses, Algae & Fungus from the water
  • It removes foul smell and bad taste of water without adding its own smell or taste in the water.
  • It is very economical, it costs just Rs.1000/- per month to a family using 30,000 liters water per month.

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How to Use or How it Works

It is very easy to use, Company shall install a dozing pump at the in-let point of water and put a container having Contanil solution. Dozer is connected with Tulu pump/ tubewell so that it gets ON along with the tulu pump and start injecting solution in the water when we on tulu pump, so with this way whole water coming in the house get mix with Contanil and get disinfect. Now one can use water from any tap of the house directly without using any RO or Filter.

  • Water tank will be disinfected automatically as it is algaecide & fungicide so no fungus or Algae will deposit in water tank.
  • Whole water of the house will be purify for all the purpose like bathing, Washing cloth, washing vegetable & other edibles hand washing and even floor cleaning etc. would be bacteria free.
  • No fungus & Algae would be deposit in pipe lines of Water, So pipe line would be clean all the times without any choking.
  • As bacteria for its protection make a biofilm in pipe lines, as contanil would bust that biofilm & it wonÃt allow bacterias to be hold up in pipe lines.
  • We dont need RO & Filters in our homes so we can save the expenditure as by latest study using RO water is not safe for the health as it decrease TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) from the water which only required to be use if TDS level is higher than.

We can save our self from following diseases by using Contanil:-

  • Cholera
  • Jaundice
  • Typhoid
  • Gastro- enteritis
  • Intestinal worms & some skin disease.

The base salt of Contanil is twin Oxide which is European product & having NSF, EPA certificate to safe for human consumption so it is totally safe to be use.

Additional Benefits

  • Water tank will be clean automatically with the use of Contanil as it is algaecide & fungicide so no fungus or Algae shall be deposit in the water tank.
  • Whole water of the house will get pure for all purposes like bathing, washing cloth, washing vegetable  & other edibles, hand washing and even floor cleaning etc. So total household activities including drinking water get bacteria free.
  • Underground pipeline would remain clean without any choking with Contanil as it bursts biofilm produce by bacteria the in pipe lines. So the age of pipelines fix up under walls and floor get increase.
  • No need of RO & Filters, if we use Contanil, we can save money. By latest study using RO water is not safe for the health as it drain out all micro nutrients present in the water which are very important for our health. RO is require where TDS level in the water is much higher.
  • We can save our self from diseases like, Cholera, Jaundice, Typhoid, Gastro- enteritis intestinal worms & some skin disease (with this process bathing water also get disinfect, so it saves us from many skin diseases).